Our mission is to consistently provide the highest quality diagnostic services. Only diagnostic imaging facilities accredited by the governing body are eligible for Care to Care's provider network.
Accreditation ensures that all Care to Care Credentialing facilities are staffed by specially qualified physicians and clinical staff offering the latest medical technology and expertly monitored software systems and equipment.
Care to Care joins with quality service providers committed to patient, physician and payer satisfaction. All providers and facilities meet applicable states and federal regulation such as accommodation for the American Disabilities Acts (ADA), HIPPA Privacy Act, and Department of Health (DOH).

Our approach
  • Help you build a robust network with favorable fee schedules which minimizes physician disruption
  • Credential providers and assess facility for technical and professional standards;
  • Customize Provider Education Programs to build physician support

Care to Care provides you with a robust platform to monitor the performance of their radiology benefits program. Our suite of reporting services track utilization volume, provider and member level details, and overall per-member- per-month (PMPM) cost. We validate savings guarantees by carefully comparing post-implementation trends to pre-implementation trends. Our savings have been validated by Milliman.
Please contact Credentialing Department for any inquires questions or comments.
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