Clinical & Decision Support

Under the direction of EVP of Clinical Strategies Dr. Michael Komarow, Care to Care's evidence-based clinical criteria are a comprehensive set of indications for imaging that minimizes the complexity of the prior authorization process. Our criteria set seeks to identify appropriate requests as rapidly as possible so they can be pre-certified with minimal disruption to the referring provider.

Our approach is designed to require the smallest practical quantum of clinical data needed to make a determination of clinical appropriateness. This means referring physician practices spend less time preparing requests and communicating with us, and we provide them with decisions more quickly.

In response to the rapid pace of technological development in diagnostic imaging, Dr. Komarow and members of our clinical staff continuously monitor and update the criteria. We actively encourage radiologists and referring physicians to make suggestions for new indications or altered criteria, which we add to our criteria sets when we find them to be evidence‐based and generally accepted.

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