Analytic & Performance

Care to Care will help you understand the impact of radiology expenses on your business in the current marketplace. Leveraging our knowledge database of more than eight million radiology claims, we deliver expert insights that allow you to achieve the highest cost savings. Using baseline market insight pertaining to your line of business, region and member demographics, our expert consultation leads you to establish a wide range of performance measures that facilitate the effective management of radiology spending.

Our approach

  • Help you identify your existing trends and demonstrate how these factors will effect your business in the future.
  • Clearly illustrate areas of over utilization and abuse, and provide solid steps to mitigate these trends. For some health plans, this can offer significant savings.
  • Collaborate with you to optimize performance based on benchmarking the current expenses and utilization.

Care to Care provides you with a robust platform to monitor the performance of their radiology benefits program. Our suite of reporting services track utilization volume, provider and member level details, and overall per-member- per-month (PMPM) cost. We validate savings guarantees by carefully comparing post-implementation trends to pre-implementation trends. Our savings have been validated by Milliman.