The Care to Care Difference

Client-Driven Program Design

Our professional implementation team works closely with clients to design a program solution that meets their unique clinical and business requirements. The elegance and transparence of our clinical criteria and the collegial manner of our physician reviewers are components of a design that treats physicians with respect, while providing significant reductions of unnecessary imaging studies.

Performance Guarantees

Part of our contracting process establishes a baseline of performance so that clients can be confident in the delivered savings, as well be comfortable with the service levels provided to internal staff and provider networks.

Compliant Management

Every client has its specific clinical and regulatory concerns to address. Our programs are designed to comply with the unique demands placed on a plan by its regulatory environment and marketplace. And our custom reporting provides the detail clients need for their internal and external audits.

Improved Provider Relationships

The program we have crafted never says “No” without first providing an opportunity for a physician-to-physician consultation with our board-certified radiologists. As a result, referring physicians feel respected and become part of a quality improvement initiative rather than an adversary of utilization management.