Administrative Service

Care to Care Increases RBM Quality, Safety and Affordability

Care to Care customizes the management of radiology benefits leading to more quality, safety and affordability for payers, providers and patients. Our flexible up-to-date solutions and contract arrangements, including Administrative Service Only (ASO) and Full Risk programs, reduce radiation exposure and protect patients safety leading to high satisfaction ratings.

We achieve a consistent record of superior management of diagnostic imaging services by combining collegial clinical expertise with keen management and oversight. Most importantly, we manage medical imaging costs while ensuring safety and quality results. Care to Care offers contract or full-risk partnerships for benefits administrators to rely on and ensure patients get the right care at the right time.

Care to Care will help you to achieve the highest cost savings through

  • Utilization management of advanced imaging and nuclear studies
  • Risk Capitation programs that mitigate your financial as well as clinical exposure
  • The SoundOB Program designed to ensure appropriate obstetrical care
  • CareInsight, a program that helps to identify candidates for care management
  • T.R.I.A.G.E., a timely new program that ensures accurate reimbursement of emergency claims